OHI Update and Press Releases

October 2018
OHI continues work with Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) regarding their autonomous buoy power sources and subsea chemical injection systems applications.

September 2018
New formed group OHI continues work and relationship with Hammelmann® Corp subsea pump development

September 2018
OHI selected by Hammelmann® Corp, Dayton to support sales and applications for Hammelmann® Process Pump systems for the Gulf of Mexico coast region.

August 2018
Offshore Hydraulic Innovation, LLC (OHI) formally registered in the state of Texas

February 2018
OHI by invitation presents "Subsea Chemical Storage and Injection – Concepts Challenges to the Society for Underwater Technology SUT in Houston and on Webcast.

January 2018
Offshore Chemical Injection Intellectual Property released from HAI Technologies. IP placed into new formed group called Offshore Hydraulic Innovation (OHI).