Providing Specialized, Innovative Products to Streamline Subsea Field Development

Offshore Hydraulic Innovation, LLC (OHI) was envisioned in 2015, formally registered in 2018, and is now fully operational. The company is singularly focused to improve offshore susbsea oil and gas production systems, to greatly reduce CAPEX while adding little increased OPEX, so that operators of these offshore fields can realize greater financial performance, greater versatility, and better reuse of materials.

OHI's goal is to provide major Oil and Gas Operators an innovative approach to the architecture of a subsea field development with as little subsea field development service umbilical as possible. The solution for eliminating most all the umbilical lies with eliminating most if not all of the umbilical tubing, so that the net result of this optimization is either all or nearly an all-electric/fiber optic umbilical.

So in future field developments, and in close coordination with offshore operators, OHI envision a field development where subsea chemical systems like the OHI SCIU are key enablers to lower umbilical sunk cost, reduce umbilical riser and installation complexity, and give-way to new fields where all-electric production trees or hybrid systems make the economics feasible where deep water, high well pressures, or long field offset developments are challenged to move forward.